Work Experience

This page outlines some of the professional work I've done in both the public and private sector. While I can't publish a majority of the work I've done due to various NDAs or IP related legalities I have published some of what I could and hope to continue growing this list as companies and organizations open up.

Polk Audio, Inc

Worked as a web and flash developer.

While working for Polk Audio I ended up touching practically everything within their website and store front. I created and enhanced multiple pages (including the front page), added interactive flash videos to showcase new products, managed a hosted Web Sphere store front and took care of gathering and generating traffic metrics.

My Service Force

Worked as the main designer and developer for the revamp.

My Service Force was looking to revamp the way their website looked and worked. I worked on a design and took it from mock-up within Adobe Photoshop all the way to being implemented on top of the existing VB.Net web application along with developing a custom flash introduction and flash video player.

Femi, Inc

Sole developer and designer.

This project was for a small company that needed a web site for users in Nigeria to purchase items. The real kicker here was the very, very restrictive web host that was required to be used. In addition to the custom web site a specialized web application was written in C# to provide a way of updating the site while still operating within the hosting limitations.