Hello, internet visitor! I'm Kris Siegel and I'm a software engineer. While I love developing great software that's not my only, strong skill set. I've had training and experience in design and animation, team leadership, product management, writing, and even sales! I can objectively say that I am awesome. Also very humble. Literally the humblest. Anyway, you’re here to read about me so I won’t delay you any further.

Work Experience


Senior Software Engineer at Playstation

I currently work on some really cool stuff here using a crazy wide variety of tech.

Senior software engineer At Immuta

I started here as employee number 4 where I quickly jumped in and helped its initial bootstrapping through contractual work on a real time incident reporting and safety application using node.js and elasticsearch. I later helped architect and develop the Immuta Platform to bring disparate data sources together for data science experimentation.



Principal Software Engineer at 42Six, A CSC Company

When joining Berico I had no idea I would start as a mid-level engineer, go through a company split which became 42Six as a senior level engineer then go through a buy out by CSC and become a principal engineer. I started working in a team of amazing people and quickly transitioned to leading multiple teams, interfacing directly with clients, speaking at DoD conferences and even helping to win contracts.

Software Developer I At Connections Academy

I joined Connections Academy at a very dynamic time as things were changing fast and business was swiftly being won. I worked on shipping quite a lot of features, bug fixes and at one point during a staff shortage I worked with the multimedia team on flash animations and video captioning. I used MS SQL and C# so heavily here that I felt my experience truly made me a domain expert in both.

Web Application Specialist At Old Mutual

Old Mutual was a really interesting place. My first, purely development position where I was the only person who worked on maintenance of the existing web application while the rest of the team worked on new products and features. We used the Remedy Ticket System and as part of my duties I wrote software to organize and print out reports directly from this system based upon multiple criteria. This was also my first, real exposure to bureaucracy which later helped me work effectively as a government contractor.

Interactive Lead At Perficient

I started working here when it was a small start-up known as E-Tech Solutions which was later bought by Perficient. I went to many sales pitches and interfaced directly with clients while honing my skills in web development and design. I was also one of two people in the entire company who knew how to do complex animations which lead to me becoming the interactive lead near the end of my stay.

Web Development Intern At Polk Audio

My very first step on my career path to software engineering. I managed a Google mini server, created analytic reports regarding traffic, worked on flash animations for new products and directly worked on the web site using PHP and MySQL. I even accidentally deleted an important file which broke part of the website for several hours (oops!). I learned an absolute ton at this job. It will always be part of my fondest memories 🙂.



Majored in Simulation & Digital Entertainment at the University of Baltimore

After graduating with an Associates Degree from CCBC Essex I was able to continue my major at the University of Baltimore where I had some amazing opportunities to further my knowledge and practice in game development. One of the coolest things I got to do was run a multi school project where we were attempting to create a video game in partnership with a school in Argentina. It failed spectacularly for a million different reasons (seriously, ask me about it some time) but it gave me a ton of experience in trying to manage people, bridge a language divide and even try to manage a project where almost none of us knew what we were doing. It was a lot of fun!

Majored in Simulation & Digital Entertainment at CCBC Essex

I graduated from CCBC Essex with an Associates degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. During my time here I created over a dozen videos games, led multiple projects and had a great time learning more of my craft.