Owner / Developer, working on project part time since 2013

Messaging is a powerful development pattern that makes decoupling components and providing internal APIs incredibly easy. The primary goal of msngr is to provide a high quality, asynchronous method of consuming and emitting messages that work in both node and the web browser.

There is a secondary goal in providing great, universal objects and functions that are useful in essentially every application. This includes type validation using, basic http requests with that work identically across platforms and a merge cache that includes transactions in msngr.mache(). There are also utilities such as msngr.immediate(fn) that provide a faster-than-setTimeout way of creating your own asynchronous methods.


Sole developer

KrisMyAss is a Discord Bot meant to provide a variety of functionality missing from Discord such as channel creation with limited permissions and stock quoting. It's constantly evolving for my own purposes but is pretty easy to customize!


Sole developer, worked on while at Immuta.

An easy to use pattern of life control that simply takes a 2 dimensional array of values and outputs a responsive and interactive pattern of life graph.


Developer, worked as part of a team at Immuta.

Bakula is a reactive programming platform which allows developers to quickly and easily build event-driven applications with no strict API to implement. Bakula events are propagated via registratered 'topics' to user-provided Docker containers for processing.


Senior Development Lead at 42Six Solutions, worked on project from August 2013 to July 2014

This project started in mid 2013 as a re-write of the original Apps Mall. This project and the original Apps Mall project are government sponsored applications gone open source that essentially take a variety of web applications and provide them in a discoverable way (similar to Google's Chrome Store). This project also included a prototyped version of the next generation of Ozone services which provides the basic RESTful and client-side APIs to conduct crud and query operations against applications, tags, personas and the related permissions, ratings, reviews, etc along with a heads up display (HUD) that showed favorited applications and common settings available in all web applications accessible within Apps Mall.